PartnerHacker Daily #48: You're Lewis, I'm Clark

Making maps

When observing trends, it’s a good rule of thumb to observe both the micro and macro.

It’s like establishing a comprehensive map for yourself.

When you look at the big picture, you give yourself a bird’s-eye view. This can help in establishing your sense of overall direction.

When you look at the individual pieces, the micro-trends, the day-to-day movement, it’s like you’re Lewis and Clark on the ground.

You're trekking through uncharted territory and drawing the details as you go — roadblocks, detours, side streets, trafficked areas, sites, etc.

Macro and micro

According to Mahesh Rajasekharan, the President and CEO of Cleo, here are three (3) macro forces unfolding before our eyes.

  1. Continuous Supply Chain Disruption Challenges
  2. Accelerating Growth of Omnichannel E-Commerce
  3. Increasing Cyber Threats

Macro forces change things little by little, and then all at once.

In the short term, Rajasekharan believes that we'll be seeing six (6) changes as a result of these macro forces.

  • Accelerated Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Adoption
Expect to see yet more hybrid cloud environments with the adoption of “containerization”, the fact that on-premises environments are more prone to ransomware, cyber threats and other security risks will also further propel cloud adoption.
  • Hybrid work will become ubiquitous and collaboration solutions will become mission-critical
Expect to see a proliferation of hybrid work environments where collaboration solutions replace traditional ERP or CRM systems as companies’ most mission-critical ‘lifelines.’
  • Supply chain integration will become the nucleus of supply chain management
Businesses will start integrating their ecosystems to streamline their demand and supply chain, giving them the agility to proactively sense, respond to and act on disruptions so they can best avoid negative impacts on their business.
  • Automation and no code will be viewed as foundational to digital transformation
One of the biggest revelations from the Covid lockdowns was just how many manual business processes are still in place, even at large companies. It’s interesting how firms that invested in automation early, like Amazon, quickly expanded their revenues, profitability and market share during the pandemic.
  • IoT's rise and adoption
Companies of all sizes will invest more in IoT to enable rapid access to information, improve data-driven insights and drive better decision-making to make timely business decisions.
  • Visibility and proactivity will be C-level priorities
Being able to share real-time insights about product availability, purchase order status, transportation delays, proof of delivery, and the like will lead to stronger business relationships and improved SLAs with partners and customers.

Check out the full article for more:

Council Post: 2022 Predictions: Key Drivers Fueling Ecosystem Integration Adoption
With organizational agility so vitally necessary these days, ecosystem integration is essential for companies striving to manage supply chain disruptions, drive e-commerce growth and manage cyber resilience.

Quote of the Day

Map sharing

Are you establishing your map of the partner landscape? Share the PhD with someone that needs help establishing theirs.

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