PartnerHacker Daily #50: Cookie Monsters Make Good CEOs

The perfect cookie does exist. It's got all the right ingredients.

It's baked just long enough that the center is gooey and the outer rim has a slight crunch.

But it's not just the ingredients or baking. Those are pretty simple. It's how and when they go together.

Businesses all have the same basic ingredients. But they don't all combine them in the right ratios at the right time using the right processes.

Partnerships are an under-utilized ingredient

Andrew Chen, in his book The Cold Start Problem, talks about negative network effects.

Negative network effects happen when there are too many participants in a network, making the network saturated and no longer helpful.

Over-saturated — that sounds a lot like modern marketing and sales channels.

Oracle seems to think so too. Check out this research paper they published.

Too many tools and not enough partnering have led to a persistent waste of time for people in sales.

In a study of 500 field sales professionals, Oracle found that 90% of sellers complain that aspects of their job take longer than they should.

The five (5) top complaints are:

  1. Doing repetitive administrative tasks that could be automated
  2. Updating multiple systems that ought to be connected
  3. Following up with a prospect they know isn’t interested
  4. Re-entering email data into a CRM
  5. Entering notes into a CRM

The decade of the ecosystem aims to fix this.

"Today’s cloud-based platform technology makes it possible to tightly integrate disparate systems like AI, machine learning, proposal generation, next best action/offer, and much more. The resulting systems are far more resilient to change than those of a few years ago because they are based on platforms that generate running code. Generation from specifications provides a level of flexibility that drives business agility—the thing that systems of record can’t produce and that businesses desperately need”.

Picture of the Day

Get yourself a cookie, you deserve it!

Two is better than one! Share your second cookie with a friend, and while you're at it, tell them about the PhD.

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