PartnerHacker Daily #51: Mexican Food?

Where should we eat?

"I don't care."

"Neither do I."

30 minutes go by, and we still haven't decided where to eat. Now we're all hangry.

This happens in partnerships too. How many times have you asked a partner or customer what they want and they don't know how to answer?

Instead of asking, try to be the person who recognizes underlying desires, and takes initiative. Be the friend that says, "Let's get tacos," knowing that both parties will appreciate the suggestion.

Meet them where they are

Great reminders from Jason Lawson on how to build community.

Find the post here.

Meme of the Day

"Please, someone just make the decision."

Share the PhD

Take the initiative. Recognize unspoken desires. If you know someone would love PhD, get 'em on it!

Get ready to rumble!!!

Wait until you see what's going down May 5 on the PartnerUp podcast...

This photoshoot got pretty tense!

Register below to be a part of this LIVE event!

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