PartnerHacker Daily #52: Eating Up Every Vertical - The Zoom COVID Story

COVID growth

Zoom won. Plain and simple.

Throughout the pandemic, Zoom was the SaaS tool everyone leveraged. Schools, work places, families, etc. all used Zoom to stay on top of their game, and retain some semblance of normalcy.

From the consumer side of things, we all know how it went, but what did this major shift mean for Zoom, the company?

NEW PartnerUp

Laura Padilla, the Head of Global Channel, Platform Sales and BD at Zoom came onto the podcast to explain her side of the story.

Did you know that Zoom went from a few thousand partnerships pre-pandemic to over a hundred thousand post-pandemic.


Pic of the Day

HT: Scott Brinker for sharing in this Tweet

Zoom to that share button

Share the PhD.

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