PartnerHacker Daily #53: Zapier's Breaking?!

When strategies fail, you don't

Most startups fail. But the founders don't. Usually, they go on to found or join other companies, and use that company failure as a stepping stone to personal success.

It's the same with programs or strategies.

Just because the activity failed, doesn't mean you did.

Use your failed experiments as stepping stones to success.

Unbundling and specialization

We've talked about the great rebundling, but don't let that fool you.

Unbundling is still (always) happening, and opportunity abounds.

An example of this kind of opportunity is Zapier.

Zapier was an ideal solution when there were only 300 SaaS products. Now there are so many SaaS solutions, Zapier can't keep up.

Here's a fascinating article positing what this might look like.

Read the article here.

Meme of the Day

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