PartnerHacker Daily #55: Just a Daily Reminder; You're Awesome!

Who remembers Bob the Builder?

Every time he would run into a problem, he'd respond with the catch phrase, "Can we fix it? Yes we can!"

That may sound a bit childish and if you want a different example, it reminds me of Jeff Bezos' "Innovate out of your problems."

In the SaaS industry, we're constantly innovating and in a state of perpetual beta. Sometimes that can feel overwhelming, but as a friendly reminder...


Speaking of fixing and solutions

Forrester has a new term, "Experience Architecture," that introduces ecosystem as solution to businesses that are trying to adopt omnichannel customer experiences.

Described as an alignment of practices, partners, and platforms, this is yet another indication that Ecosystem are the new table stakes for business success.

Introducing Experience Architecture: An Ecosystem Approach To Customer Obsession
Experience architecture is fundamental to customer obsession. Delivering the right customer experience is the number one priority for any business.

Meme of the Day

Who needs the reminder today?

Your friends are awesome. Share this PhD with someone who needs the reminder!

Speaking of awesome

You don't want to miss this.

May 5. 1:00PM ET.


Be there.

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