PartnerHacker Daily #57: Spamming Your Way to Influence

The I-word cannot be faked

We're settling into a bit of a theme this week (continued in more depth in the upcoming weekend edition.)

Trust, influence, brand, and the inability to fake these things.

Sounds costly. And it is. But don't despair if you don't have a huge budget to build brand or buy influence. Money is only one - and not even the most important one - of the costs involved in gaining influence, trust, and brand advantage.

We're called PartnerHacker. You can 'hack' these things on a shoestring.

What you can't be is disingenuous, narcissistic, stingy, hasty, or annoyed that you even have to try.

Real trust, which leads to real influence and brand power, begins with your mindset about it.

The fact that trust is the new data should excite, not threaten you. Until it does, you're gonna have a bad time.

Don't spend money on fake stuff

Maybe it's a little gratuitous to share my own Tweet, but what the heck.

(Caution: it has a swear in it)

I Tweeted that after getting my umpteenth email last week from some random person I have no connection to shilling me some random article about a topic barely connected to websites I don't even run anymore.

I get it.

Somebody at some company decided they needed to get stuff published on third party sites and get some SEO.

As if influence and trust are things you can just buy with dollars spent on an agency that manufactures fake content.

Everyone's exhausted by this. They just want good ideas and good products from good people in their circles of trust.

Can you be that?

If not, don't waste money pretending.

Quote of the Day

"Excitement over Partner and Community Ecosystems is at an all-time high. There is even a rumor that CEOs at SaaS companies are fully bought in and Partner Professionals have all the resources and support they need to crush it.
Unfortunately, the rumor is false."

-- Allan Adler, in last week's GoToEcosystem Column on PartnerHacker

Don't spam your friends

Do send them the PhD.

Get ready to rumble!!!

Wait until you see what's going down May 5 on the PartnerUp podcast...

This photoshoot got pretty tense!

Register below to be a part of this LIVE event!

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