PartnerHacker Daily #59: Maybe Netflix Needs an Ecosystem

You can't hold the fort forever

No moat is deep enough.

That's why you need an ecosystem!

The more nodes of influence and support encircling your product, the harder it is to topple.

Don't look at partners as a threat. They are your greatest advantage.

Netflix experiences net LOSS in subscribers

Watch this from 51:14 minutes to 53:45.


Chamath Palihapitiya nails why even Netflix is getting destroyed in the public markets.

This is why partner ecosystems are having a moment.

Ads vs privacy. It's a battle where only ecosystems can possibly win.

Netflix doesn't have a true ecosystem. They centrally control content, which allowed for quality at one point, but now are feeling the pain of being reliant on advertising to bring in new subscribers.

This macro trend is only the beginning. I suspect Google is soon to follow on Android.

New PartnerUp

Last week PartnerUp set up a makeshift studio at SaaS Connect.

As people were going in and out of talks, connecting and networking, and discussing a coming shift in partnerships, we invited some of the best to stop in and chat.

Meme of the Day

From our friends at

Thanks for being a part of the big launch!

You! Yeah, you!

Thanks for being a loyal PhD subscriber. And thanks for being with us as we launched last week. (There's a lot of stuff there beyond the PhD BTW.)

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