PartnerHacker Daily #62: Martech's Whopping 10,000

9,932 solutions in marketing technology

A few weeks ago Scott Brinker came onto the PartnerUp podcast to discuss ecosystems. Apparently, early partner ecosystems seem to be mirroring the early martech space.

That’s big.

What’s more interesting is that both he and Jay McBain drew attention to the 9,932 solutions that exist in the Martech landscape.

Nobody has the time to look through all of those thousands of technologies.

Instead, what do they do?

They rely on their network - or ecosystem - to decipher which tools and companies are the best.

They rely on trust.

Here's what Jay had to say about it.

A great way to predict/quantify the decade of the partner ecosystem is to look at previous decades through the lens of innovation and revenue growth.

Here is the (previous) decade of marketing progressing from hundreds of SaaS companies to thousands. As the CMO in many companies started outspending the CIO (on tech solutions) and 78% of marketing agencies became tech services companies, it revolutionized the entire career path of marketing professionals.

As we look in the early stages of channel ecosystems, we have 222 companies that raised $3.8 billion in private equity last year and are changing our job trajectory at the same pace!
Check out his post here

NEW PartnerUp

On today’s PartnerUp episode Lisa Lawson talks about partner management.

“How do you help your partners grow with your company?” Tune in to hear her answer.

Click here for the episode

Meme of the Day

Meme brought to you by the fine folks at Reveal. Unlimited partner account mapping & ROI tracking, for free.

I got 10,000 solutions and a friend is one

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