PartnerHacker Daily #63: You Don't Have To Be Better, Just Smarter

The Partnerships Hack

Customer experience is no joke. It's got so much surface area and hidden touch-points, it's not possible to own every part of the experience.

We all know it, yet we still try to do everything. This is a losing battle.

Here's the hack: seem like you own every aspect of a process. That gives customers the same experience while allowing you to focus on one aspect of the journey. Do what you do, and partner for the rest.

Strategic Partnering

The headings in this article speak for themselves.

Stand for something, but partner outside your core.

Seek partnerships with a clear alignment of incentives.

Recalibrate regularly.

"A large number of businesses serve the same audiences, but with different strengths. Together, they can create natural partnerships for mutual benefit, such as with event venues and food service companies, technology providers and system integrators, or content owners and distributors. The key is to seek out those that deliver on business objectives and drive improved customer experiences.”
Council Post: Mission Critical: Getting Strategic Partnerships Right In The New Economy
The key is focusing on the right business opportunity, selecting the right partner to complement your strategies and establishing the right execution model.

Partnerships in the wild

Spotted in ATL airport. Thanks to Chris Samila of Crossbeam for sharing!

Strengths and lesser strengths

Who do you love partnering with? Share the PhD with someone who complements your lesser strengths.

We're partnering with SaaSy for a sweet course

This is THE course for partner managers. Get a spot while you can!
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