PartnerHacker Daily #65: Partner Portals Live Recording

Collaboration amazes me

The Partner Portals Live Showdown might not have been as entertaining as this year’s Grammy’s, but it was close.

True to character, each of the four challengers came to the showdown prepped with their best information, a willingness to learn, and a sense of humor.

As a part of the audience, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the moment — watching the debate, reading through the comments, seeing all of the engagement and proposed ideas, etc.

I walked away from the debate thinking, “Wow. How is it that something like collaboration always amazes me?”

It amazes me how four individuals who have such strong opinions still want to hear each other's points.

I think this is why partnerships are so conducive to creating a better future. Instead of being separated by their differences, they unite because of their shared ideals.

Listen to the debate and tell me that each of these people don't share an ideal – serving customers and vendors as completely as possible...I dare you.


What's the future of partner portals? Should we keep them? Should we kill them? Should we come up with a new type of partner portal?

Hear the Partner Portals live debate as an episode on today’s PartnerUp Podcast, and get some insight into that very topic.

Then, let us know what you thought. Do you have any additions, questions, or refutations?

Live everywhere podcasts are found!

Quote of the Day

Collaboration amazes me

Collaboration should be normalized. Go against the grain! Share the PhD with someone who'd really enjoy and get insight from the debate.

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