PartnerHacker Daily #66: Nick Fury

BREAKING: BVP is all-in on ecosystems in brand new State of the Cloud 2022 report.

Making the whole > sum of the parts

Superheroes with super powers also tend to have super egos.

No matter how powerful, a bunch of disjointed heroes are more likely to cause chaos than save the galaxy. A well-oiled team, using each other's strengths and bolstering weaknesses, results in magic (sometimes literally).

It takes a special type to identify, recruit, and manage a team like this. Nick Fury has no super powers. He just knows how to create and run partnerships.

Alignment is key

The shared goal in business is to add value to the lives of your customers and vendors.

Keeping that in mind, you cannot achieve that end with misaligned partnerships.

So how do you measure your alignment?

Create an action plan.

Someone has to be the Nick Fury and get all these powers on the same page.

Audit your partnerships process to find patterns. Are there areas where you consistently seem to be falling short?

Misaligned partners crush productivity, kill profits, and produce anemic revenue streams.
Misaligned Partnerships Cost You Money
Recruiting the best-fit partners for your channel is both an art and a science. Recruiting misaligned partners is all too easy.

Meme of the Day

Meme brought to you by the fine folks at Reveal. Unlimited partner account mapping & ROI tracking, for free.

Partners assemble!

Who's an absolute superhero in partnerships? Build your dream team by sending them the PhD and making sure you're all on the same page.

Who could say no to this?
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