PartnerHacker Daily #67: Taming The Co-Selling Beast

Platinum level skill

You want to co-sell, but where do you start?

Start with questions, not answers.

Before you begin co-selling, vet your partner — do they know their market? Their pain-points?

If they’re confused about their ICP, trying to co-sell will be a headache.

A couple of questions to ask them:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Why are they your customers?
  • What’s the gap in servicing those customers?

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Today’s guest is none other than Josh Wagner.

Josh came on to talk about co-selling. Co-selling is not easy. It takes a specific person with a proven track record to co-sell well.

When you find such a person, learn from them.

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Stat of the Day

In the B2B space, referrals convert at 21x that of outbound calling.

(see the full post from Chris Murray)

Co-selling ain't easy

Who's always looking for resources to level up their game? Send them today's PhD and the PartnerUp episode!

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