PartnerHacker Daily #68: Jungles and Force

Jungle systems

Ecosystems can be healthy and aligned to a desired end, or they can be unhealthy and riddled with internal tension.

Look at a jungle. When a it's functioning properly, symbiotic relationships are bountiful. Every complex system works in unison, from the most base level to the most macro.

Businesses are similar. Every business has complex systems that are built upon complex systems.

Achieving your development goals, then, requires an organization to be aware of its own ecosystem, including its parts and the internal and external forces that shape them.

Read more about learning ecosystems.

Learning culture is a force

Culture is a buzzword.

People throw it around and lessen its power, but it's a force to be reckoned with.

When companies define their ecosystem learning culture, they influence many different complex systems at the same time.

Just like changing one factor in a jungle can have a massive domino effect on an entire jungle system, changing one factor in a business environment can have a similar effect on every aspect of an org. That's why companies must initiate change with thoughtful plans.

Ecosystem Chiefs are going to need to work alongside revenue leaders and the L&D team (dare I say Learning Experience Chief) to establish a healthy ecosystem learning culture by defining the following elements of a learning system:

Shared Vision
Shared Assumptions
Shared Stories
Shared Experiences

Read Jessie's full article on establishing a learning culture.

Quote of the Day

Share the PhD

You're part of complex systems, and some of them need a refresh. Share the PhD with someone who could make that happen.

The first 1,000

Huge shout-out to the sponsors who helped us cross the first 1k subscribers less than a month after launch!

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