PartnerHacker Daily #71: Dating Advice?

Something seems to be happening with AEs

It's anecdotal.

Sarah Wang from A16Z said the smartest AEs are leaning into partners and getting promoted.

And I keep running into AEs who moved into partnerships. They say the same thing: sales felt forced, maybe even a bit icky. Partnerships feel more like the win-wins they want to create.

These aren't weak AEs either. They're great AEs who want meaning and mutual value and are starting to feel uncomfy with the desperation in sales during a tough market.

Something to keep an eye on.

Outlining the pillars of a partnership

If you want a partnership to last, like a relationship, it helps to outline what is non-negotiable beforehand.

When the time comes to make decisions, it’s hard to not be swept up by the moment. Instead, you need to remain grounded and level headed — what are the things you cannot afford to overlook?

Here are some, outlined by Dan from Reveal:

  1. The Value to the End Customer (the buyer)
  2. The Value to the Partner Employee (e.g. the AE, the CSM, the Account Manager, etc)
  3. The Value to the Partner Company (e.g. MD, CRO, CFO, VP Alliances, etc)
See the full LinkedIn post where Dan shares some of his favorite value plays. 

What readers are reading

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni.

PhD reader Tim Greve gives the recommendation saying, "If 80% of a team has read a book, and 60% of a worldwide channel team can instantly grab it, the book is probably worthwhile. It’s not new, but it's just as relevant today."

Value flows between friends

Relationships, like partnerships, are built through consistency and value creation. Is there someone you want to build a relationship with? Send them the PhD and get that value flowing.

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