PartnerHacker Daily #72: More Than Money

Dangling dollars

Almost 90% of vendors offer commissions to partners.

Only 25% offer account service deals.

Which one do you think partners value more? If you ask around, most will say the commissions are kinda nice but not necessary to their business. Services are their business.

If you take this seriously, they can help you increase customer success.

Service partners to the rescue

Andrew Porter wrote an article about scaling customer success with service partners, and it’s worth a read.

He thinks that the relationship between SaaS and Service Firms is in need of an upgrade.

“The reality is that healthy partner ecosystems contain a variety of partners and accommodate different business models with competing priorities.”

Partners aren't only for leads and deals. An ecosystems approach helps you see ways to add value to your customers by adding value to your partners.

Porter thinks that the future of partnerships spans across all of enterprise.

Meme of the Day

Share with a partner

Working with partners who might dig the PhD? Pass it along!

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