PartnerHacker Daily #73: Watering-Hole Strategies

The (temporary?) cop-out

At Supernode, Crossbeam CEO Bob Moore mentioned something about the dream of partner people to nail attribution so they can better tell the story of their ROI.

Some of the biggest contributors to success in business can't be easily measured. e.g. Culture, influence, or reputation.

You know they matter (especially if you're in a company that does them poorly), but good luck quantifying it.

It can seem like a cop-out (and sometimes it is) when you hear, "But the value of my work can't be measured". But sometimes it's true.

The solution isn't to give up on measurement. Nor is it to stop doing anything that can't be measured.

Keep doing it. Meanwhile, search for new ways to measure.

Give them something to talk about

Dark Social may be key to nailing B2B strategy.

Chris Walker explains Dark Social as any of those word-of-mouth channels that scale advocacy and enable content sharing (social networks, content platforms, communities & groups, internal company communications, direct convos, meet ups and events)

B2B buyers trust their peers more than anything else, and they’re finding ways to leverage that trust to make better decisions.

Instead of building a strategy with incomplete information, the key to a robust strategy is finding customer watering-holes and asking them for their insights, directly.

“Customer insights should drive strategy, not attribution reports”

Read the whole post here.

Stat of the Day

Canalys predicts that more than $25B of sales will flow through Cloud Marketplaces by the end of 2025.


Watering holes

Is there a community you're a part of that's been instrumental in your business decisions? Is there a specific person within that community? Send them the PhD.

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