PartnerHacker Daily #75: Upside to Downturns

It's not just us

Check the news.

Google cloud wants a partner on every engagement.

Bessemer Venture Partners predicts indirect to be the #1 trend for 2022 in their State of the Cloud report.

A16Z said they'd turn down a company with projected 3x revenue growth if it was all direct, in favor of a company looking to 2x with half partner sourced.

I know. We can seem like hype merchants for partnerships. But we're not making this stuff up! And these aren't accidents or random trends. There are fundamental principles at work driving these changes.

This is part of a broader story arc in the history of economics, culture, technology, and complex systems. We're in the middle of a flowering of diversity and interdependency.

The current economic downturn only accelerates the change.

Don't just survive, thrive

Speaking of the economy, Allan Adler has some insights on how and why the ecosystem can and will thrive in a downturn.

When investors are running for the hills, pay attention to those who are offering more than negativity.

Especially if they've been saying these things for a long time.

Complete the Stack: How the Ecosystem Thrives in a Downturn
You may be familiar with a few of these stats about how customers value integrated solutions: Customers will pay 20% more for an integrated solution (Digital Bridge).The top two most important factors in considering a MarTech solution is internal and external integrations (CDP Institute).Over a two-…

Post of the Day

This was a couple of weeks ago, but what an uplifting note to end the week on!

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