PartnerHacker Daily #77: Keeping up with the Joneses

How you build your community matters

Communities hold immense potential, but many orgs miss out because they do community wrong.

Short sighted and transactional. That's how you do community wrong.

Bill Johnston explains in this LinkedIn post that, “Growth-minded companies are fully embracing community as a concept and integrating community-building practices into the fabric of their business.”

The challenges

Here are the challenges as Bill sees them:

If you want the full report and templates, click here.

To sum it up — most organizations don’t really understand community or how it could be used as an amplifier.

For so many, "community" exists as a buzz-word. It's something you’re supposed to do and need, so people and companies throw money at it, pretending like they understand.

Meme of the Day

Thanks Ian from Aircall!

Do you have a favorite community?

Great communities attract high-quality people. Maybe you know a community that would appreciate the PhD?

WTF is an ecosystem?! We’re teaming up with PartnerStack to get to the bottom of it all at Ecosystem Week 2022

The first ever ecosystem conference.

The top minds in the partnerships space are coming together to discuss what ecosystem thinking is and what it means for business. How does it transform Go-To-Market? What happens to Product Led Growth? What role does community play?

We’re here for it, and you can be too!

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