PartnerHacker Daily #79: MIT's Ecosystem Advice

Uncertain times

We’re in the midst of strange times, and people aren’t sure how to prepare.

Sometimes the best preparation is adaptability. You don't need the perfect solution as much as you need the nimbleness to adjust.

Ecosystems provide optionality. More nodes. Fewer single points of failure.


May 19th, YC sent a letter warning founders to position themselves for a tough few years.  That same day, MIT released a research brief about coordinating amidst uncertainty.

MIT’s advice?

“Build relational ecosystems to coordinate amidst uncertainty.”

When you focus on building ecosystems, two big challenges occur: uncertainty and interdependence. To combat those challenges you need to focus on relational coordination.

MIT's basically saying that to keep an ecosystem highly functional, people have to be able to connect, exchange information, and help each other.

Companies have to create opportunities for network connections across the ecosystem to be multiplied and fortified.

Read the research brief.

Meme of the Day

Thanks Ian from Aircall!

Increased connections = increased agility

One way to make a new friend is to send them something you think they might appreciate. Maybe this PhD?

WTF is an ecosystem?! We’re teaming up with PartnerStack to get to the bottom of it all at Ecosystem Week 2022

The first ever ecosystem conference.

The top minds in the partnerships space are coming together to discuss what ecosystem thinking is and what it means for business. How does it transform Go-To-Market? What happens to Product Led Growth? What role does community play?

We’re here for it, and you can be too!

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