PartnerHacker Daily #80: Growth Playbooks Are Changing

Supernode in Philly

Two weeks ago, partnership professionals gathered for Crossbeam’s Supernode Conference in Philly.

A special thanks to everyone in attendance, all of the speakers, and everyone who coordinated the event. It was superb!

Welcoming everyone to the event, Sean Blanda explained that in the past, the partnerships equation used to be partnerships = data.

People used to look at partnerships and think about the things they could receive and leverage from their partners.

Now we’re realizing that the real partnerships equation is partnerships = data + people.

You can’t take the people out of that equation. Either you begin with people in mind, or you pay the price later.

Growth playbooks are changing

Throughout the entire Supernode event, the theme was clear: growth playbooks are changing, and partner ecosystems are at the core of that change.

Instead of thinking about scale as additive, companies have begun to think about scale as connective.

When we extend this to nature, this shift makes sense.

There are cycles in evolution that include some moments of growth and some moments of stability.

The information age made us, as a society, capable of growth exponentially greater than any other time in history.

Now, we need to find our stability, and that stability lies in increasing network connections within our existing ecosystems (MIT published a research paper explaining that in a bit more depth).

Photos of the Day - Supernode Edition!

Stability through connectivity

Share the PhD with someone who needs to see the new growth playbook. We're witnessing a shift, and the things that got us here won't get us where we want to go.

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