PartnerHacker Daily #82: Opportunities to Level-Up

Did you see the Sunday Story?

"My plumber doesn't ask me to buy the pipes".

Sunir ran a marketing agency. He was fired because it was too taxing on his client to go through purchase and setup of every SaaS tool. He wanted Sunir to do it for him, but SaaS tools don't make that easy.

Sunir started AppBind to solve the problem. Check out the story.

How tf do I learn about partnerships?

Partner people are on the hook for building in a complex, growing, and developing field. But there aren't a lot of field guides.

Partnerships were once an add-on to the sales and marketing process. Now they're becoming the linchpin, but without the well-developed practices of the other orgs.

How do you navigate uncharted waters?

Find the people and companies who are committed to the pursuit of the information you need, and get close to them. You can help each other dive in, sift through, synthesize, experiment, and build.

Fortunately, this partnerships space is bustling with energy and people are more than willing to share learnings.

Upcoming event

Here's an opportunity to learn about ecosystems.

Want in?! Register here.

Register for Ecosystems Week 2022

Meme of the Day

Thanks Ian from Aircall!

Who needs a partnerships event?

These events are filled with energy. If there's anyone who's border-line partner-pilled, this may be the perfect opportunity for them to learn about the moment.

Not a rumor! We're teaming up with PartnerStack for Ecosystem Week 2022.

The first ever ecosystem conference.

It's free and hundreds have already registered! Don't miss out.

Register now!

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