PartnerHacker Daily #83: Scaling Faster

Growth loops

Growth loops are important for your business.

They allow one investment or input to create continuous returns.

Instead of getting stuck a linear system where you have to continue finding inputs to sustain an output, your output is consistent.

Here’s a visual:

From this AMAZING article.

Reid Hoffman's advice

Reid Hoffman mentioned the value of growth loops in a recent LinkedIn post.

He explained that VCs loved them because of their compounding effect.

Then he gave some ideas for applying those compounding principles.

  1. Build a relationship with a superconnector — a partner who has tons of relationships you’d love to have more access to (probably a sumo)
  2. Create an asset that helps you build your brand — something that makes working with you more appealing to your target customers and partners
  3. Grow your network — increase those partnership nodes

Resource of the Day

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The Platform Journey is a podcast by industry veteran Avanish Sahai.

Pragmatic discussions with seasoned tech leaders on their journey to build a successful software platform company and get the ecosystem flywheel going.

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