PartnerHacker Daily #84: Are We In A Bubble?

You say bubble, I say beginning

When Martech was in the early stages, not many people recognized its value.

Godfather of Martech Scott Brinker created the first visuals to prove that the space was growing and worth the investment. From that first visual to now, Martech has seen a 5,233% growth.

The question that usually followed when Scott showed his visual was, “Is this a bubble?”

Turns it out wasn't. The software industry hadn’t matured yet, and it still hasn’t. In the past few decades, we’ve seen the structural components of the software industry crystalize into individual solutions.

The partnership ecosystem is exploding because it acts as the connective tissue to these disparate parts.

Antifragile ecosystems

So many tech solutions were built with the idea that they would be the one to rule them all. But that never really happened.

Instead, we got an assortment of solutions that each did one or two things very well. We eventually got integrations because people didn’t want to have to jump between 15 solutions to get one presentation finished.

The integrations are the connective tissue.

This is why partner ecosystems are so important. At SaaS Connect Scott Brinker laid out the choices. We can either create fragile ecosystems or antifragile ecosystems — where tech solutions are strengthened by change.

That’s why doing ecosystems right is a big deal. Without the connective tissue of healthy ecosystems, the software stack is fragile.

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Image of the Day

No, he wasn't joking. Martech has seen a 5,233% increase. Starting to look like an Impressionist painting.

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