PartnerHacker Daily #88: Phases of a Recession, and Why Movement Is Key

The phases of a recession

“The fear of a recession and economic slowdown forces companies to make decisions they should’ve made anyway.”

Here are the four phases according to marketing guru Chris Walker:

  1. Pump the breaks hard (we’re here)
  2. The realization — the show must go on
  3. Strategy Revamp
  4. Accelerated Innovation

MOVEMENT is important

Economic slowdown creates massive opportunities because, “Most companies get stuck in Phase 1 and Phase 2. They wait. And debate. And resist. And never make the moves they should make.”

Knowing when to move, how fast, and in which direction is critical.

Figure that out now, and identify indicators to can keep track of.

While you’re mapping that out, keep in mind, “The companies that create the demand are the ones that win.”

Check out Chris' full LinkedIn post. It's a good one!

Pic of the Day

Thanks for the pic Tom Fishburne at Marketoonist!

Partnerships is a good industry

Who needs to jump onto this partner-train before phase 1 hits its peak? Send them the PhD.

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