PartnerHacker Daily #89: History-Backed Success

Stay focused

There’s a lot going on in the world and economy, but people hear the word recession and they get sloppy.


We’ve seen it countless of times throughout history — staying consistent, even-keeled, and strategic is the recipe for success.

As Allan Adler points out, we’re in a good industry for growth.

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What we can learn from the medical field

Doctors used to personalize care. They used to sit with you in the room, talk, and try to get to the bottom of the problem.

Now, it’s all about numbers.

You wait, see everyone BUT the doctor, and when they finally come in, they stay for 10 minutes.

That’s not a good system, and we have to make sure we’re not doing the same thing with our businesses.

Your partners and potential partners need to be a priority - something you’re willing to spend time on understanding.

Here’s Josh Wagner:

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Pic of the Day

Take the time to show that they're valuable

Send the PhD to someone who'd really appreciate it. It’s a 1 minute commitment that’s return is priceless – relationship.

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