PartnerHacker Daily #90: PLG Controversy?!

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Is PLG full of it?

Last week we wrote all about PLG.

Today, we’re exploring an opposing view – what if PLG isn't all that it's cracked up to be?

Category Design King Christopher Lochhead brought up some great points about why PLG may be flawed.

Do products (really) lead growth?
Of course not.

Products don't do sh*t.
Customers lead growth.

And customers do not really even buy products.
They buy "solutions."

Category Design

Chris thinks too many leaders focus too much on products, not customers or categories.

PLG, to him, is the new, build it and they will come. He's not buying it.

click here to read the full post

Category Design is all about creating the need for new solutions by understanding the customer and their problems.

Stat of the Day

Team PLG or Team Category Design?

We want to know! Respond to this email. Forward to friends. Get a convo going.

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