PartnerHacker Daily #93: FAKE

It's ecosystem week!

Day 1, we heard Jay McBain, Scott Brinker, and Tiffany Bova.

Look at all of this community-love!

Day 2 is today! Make sure you join for Jared Fuller, Jill Rowley, Allan Adler, and more.

4.7 Stars

Everything, everywhere, 4.7 Stars.

The game’s up.

Reviews used to be social proof. A fundamental principle (Cialdini) of marketing. They held weight.

Now, everything is 4.7 stars. Where’s the value in that?

Ecosystem Enhancements

Ecosystems retain the weight of social proof because ecosystem trust is compounded over time. It’s not easily bought or faked.

Enhancement overtime is the bread and butter of ecosystems.

Take integrations, for example.

Integrations are the #1 reason why people and companies choose one product over another.

Read the LinkedIn post

“This isn’t surprising,” Dane Running stated in this LinkedIn post.

When you buy a product that has great integrations, you’re buying into more than just the product. You're buying into its product functions, its brand, a more efficient workflow, and an ecosystem of people and companies.

More importantly, you're buying into a culture of collaboration. Companies that integrate are more likely to integrate in the future, so you won't miss out on the next great tool in the stack.

That can’t be faked.

Image of the Day

Shoutout to Kap Chatfield for the image!

Read the full post and see what this means for content.

Become a sharer of good content

Share good content, and expand your sphere of influence. People begin to trust you when you give, give, give.

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