PartnerHacker Daily #95: Yes I Went There

Last day

Don’t worry you can still catch the tail end of Ecosystem Week 2022!

Look at all of the talk the past two days have generated.

P.S. - When you register, you'll gain access to all past recordings when available.

Partner sourced is better than inbound

There, I said it.

And Chris Murray explains it in his article.

If you had 2-5 hours of engagement time, which would you prefer?

Option 1?

Or option 2?

Plant, grow, harvest

How are partnerships built?

Dan Lancioni from Reveal outlines the way he breaks up building partnerships into 3 phases.

Read the full post

Meme of the Day

Thanks Ian from Aircall

Planting seeds

Want to plant some partnerships seeds? Send them the PhD.

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