PartnerHacker Daily #99: Why Your Partners Turn Inactive

Partner leader insights

Here are a couple of quotes captured by Glen Roth.

The four P’s of partner ecosystem management: product, partners, programs and people. Too often we overlook that last one.
- Laura Padilla, Zoom
The last 10 years we’ve seen the explosion of CRM; next we will see the growth of ecosystem management tools.
- Amit Sinha, WorkSpan

Find more Partner Leader insights and Glen's thoughts on each in his article.

Inactive partners

“For every 100 partners that you recruit for your partner program, 80 will turn inactive” Rick Van Den Bosch explained in his post.

Why does this happen?

Because companies invest in partner recruitment over partner engagement.

Read the full post

For upping your enablement game, Jessie Shipman’s column is an amazing resource.

Meme of the Day

They don't know what they got themselves into...

Partnerships love

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