PartnerHacker Education Hub is Live!

Interested in leveling up your partnerships education?

We partnered up with Firneo, Partnernomics, and SaaSy Sales Leadership to offer the best educational courses in partnerships - all from one convenient place (powered by PartnerFleet).

These are courses that we've selected and vetted to bring to you in our Education Hub. At PartnerHacker, we personally know the value these teachers provide.

Some courses like Partnernomics, are on-demand, while others like Firneo and SaaSy are cohort-based.

So go get your learnin' on. Check out the PartnerHacker Ed Hub today!

Your Ed Hub professors

We sat down with each of our Ed Hub partners to talk about what their courses had to offer partner pros. Here are a few clips to introduce you to your partner professors:

Mark Brigman, Ph.D., SPLP of Partnernomics breaks down the science of partnering.
Scott Pollack of Firneo explains the nuances of working in partnerships.
Lisa Thoman Lawson from SaaSy explains the complexities involved with co-selling.

Full interviews

Watch the full interviews in the playlist below:

Aaron Olson talks with partners in the PartnerHacker Ed Hub Partners about their courses. View the full interviews in the playlist here.
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