PartnerHacker Marketplace Launches

Our motto at PartnerHacker is trust is the new data.

We understand the buyer journey has changed. People are overwhelmed by ads and emails telling them about the latest SaaS products. In the era of ecosystems, trusted communities and connections are the dominant way for customers to find software solutions.

Our goal is to be the #1 source of news, ideas, and resources in the world of tech partnerships. We started with the PartnerUp podcast, then the PartnerHacker Daily newsletter, then a full media site.

Now we're thrilled to announce the PartnerHacker marketplace, where members can access vetted deals exclusive to our community.

Special thanks to our launch sponsors PartnerStack, Reveal, Impact, Sendoso, AppBind, and Partner Fleet. You can find featured deals from them in the marketplace.

(We hope to add courses and other service offerings to the marketplace in the future!)

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