PartnerHacker Weekend 03/11: Bring Massive Value

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

Recently published:

They don't want help buying; they want help driving value

Buyers want you to leave them alone.

They want to research, test, and even onboard without your team getting in the way.

They will look to others for help during these steps, but rarely your company. You need to partner with these others!

But buyers do want your help eventually.

They want you to help them drive more value with your solutions. They want to get to that value as quickly as possible and have you show them how to get it going across their entire org.

Guess who is often best suited to do that?


People who have been there.

So buyers want the help of others in the buying process, and the best way you can help them in the value process is by bringing in others.

It's partners all the way down. It's a full surround of the lifecycle.

Recognition of this reality is where the Nearbound GTM play begins.

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