PartnerHacker Weekend 03/25: Hey Everyone, I Need You

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Nearbound is spreading

Hey there, I'm Ademola, Head of Production at

For the past few weeks, I've been trying to make Nearbound a word.

But creating a new word isn't as easy as you might think. Where does one start? The dictionary, Wikipedia, or Urban Dictionary?

Changing the lexicon of B2B SaaS isn't easy.

We believe the future is Nearbound. Nearbound is the GTM motion that layers onto every part of the customer journey.

If Outbound targets and Inbound attracts, then Nearbound surrounds.

It applies to sales, marketing, product, and success.

Ademola trying to get Nearbound into the dicitonary.
Getting a word into the dictionary isn't as easy as you might think. Check out my struggles.

At PartnerHacker, we're educating and redefining how B2B is done.

We're at the precipice of a new way of doing business.  

We've gained momentum (as you can see in my latest video below), but there's a lot of work to be done.

Will Taylor and Ademola Adelakum try to make nearbound a word.
Will Taylor joins the effort to make Nearbound a word.

At PartnerHacker, we see a massive Nearbound wave coming and are going to ride it into the next decade. But we want to invite you to come along for the ride.

We can't define Nearbound on our own. We're seeking to partner up with those who've been to the Promised Land.

Share your thoughts with me about Nearbound and the future of GTM for B2B SaaS.

You might end up in my next video 😉.

-- Ademola Adelakun

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