PartnerHacker Weekend 04/08: Nearbound Isn't Just For Partner People

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

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Partnerships isn't a department

Partner pilling 💊 a sales, marketing, or success org doesn’t come from the partnerships department bringing net new accounts, opportunities, or upgrades as handouts for all internal parties.

Look, I’ve done your job for you, here’s new sourced accounts, opportunities, and upgrades!

At best, that results in a short-term “hero” label but at worst, the well runs dry & hero no more.

The key 🗝️ right now (IMO) is that partner orgs need to embed their functions inside of each department by virtue of marketing, selling, or retaining/upselling together with the market.

In other words, RUN, don’t walk, to build out departmental partner excellence.

Help your marketers market together. Sellers sell together. Etc.

Each part of the buyer journey can be drastically improved by doing so with equal or better effects on business unit economics.

That’s the nuance of the “Nearbound” angle. It's the application and competency of partnering for each department.

So I think that’s the job to drive revenue now. Don’t be a bottleneck to partner revenue. Help your team do it.

Don’t be a hero, be a helper.

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