PartnerHacker Weekend 04/15: Partner Up With A Partner Pro

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to the PhD!

We couldn't highlight the best stuff in partnerships without you.

You've generously shared your thoughts and insights with us and allowed us to share them with the partnerships ecosystem.

Many of our contributors to the PhD made the list of Top Partnerships Influencers of 2023 by Allbound!

Allbound top partnership influencers 2023
Check out the full list here.

Here's the Top Partnership Influencers who've contributed to the PhD:

Bryan Williams, Chris Samila, Will Taylor, Jay McBain, Scott Brinker, Kelly Sarabyn, Asher Mathew, Janet Schijns, Mark Brigman, Chris Murray, Stanislaw Wasowicz, Alexandre LeBoeuf, Ben Wright, Jared Fuller, Blake Williams, Daniel Lancioni, Aleksi Mattlar, Kyle Shroeder, Chris Lavoie, Martin Scholz, Rick van den Bosch, Katie Landaal, Per Allin, Marco De Paulis, Alex Glenn, Allan Adler, Jessie Shipman, Allison Munro, Brianna Chapman, Daniela Garcia, Franz-Josef Schrepf, Adam Pasch.

Thank you!

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

Recently published:

How to Make Sales Love Partnerships: Rich Lewis-Jones and Stan Wascowicz Tag-Team to Drive Revenue

Rich Lewis-Jones and Stan Wascowicz from SmartRecruiters have figured out how to tag-team on a Nearbound sales process.

On PartnerUp 104, Stan Wascowicz said:

You shouldn't be going into any presentation meetings before gathering as much intel as you can about the account.

Give your sales team the data they need to pull in partners

As head of partnerships, Stan realized he couldn't drive Nearbound revenue if he was the bottleneck. He needed a model that could scale.

I came up with this model because I was one partner guy essentially running the show globally. – Stan Wascowicz

Fortunately, he found Rob, a sales leader who saw how much could be gained from bringing partners into more deals at every part of the buyer's journey.

Using partner data for custom demos

Rich and Stan use account mapping to find out what partners a prospect is a customer of. They tailor demos based on that stack, showing the customer what their specific workflow looks like with the product.

When you go into a meeting, you end up talking to the buyer in the way that they want to be spoken to. – Rich Lewis-Jones

In the end, the customer is king. Nearbound sales isn't something to do for the heck of it. It's done because it adds value to the buyer by connecting faster and more directly to their needs.


  • Partner Managers can't be the bottleneck for Nearbound sales.
  • Partner data should be used across the entire customer journey.
  • Tapping into partner intel allows sellers to customize demos and show-up prepared.

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