PartnerHacker Weekend 05/06: Nearbound Surrounds SaaS Connect 2023

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Nearbound comes to SaaS Connect 2023

When I connect with partners in SaaS, I always get a renewed sense of energy. Ademola and I (Will) were at SaaS Connect two weeks ago. It was great to see so many familiar faces.

The thing that hit me most was the tactical aspect of the talks. In this economy, everyone wants to know how to do more with less. But how do you actually do that?

Hint: it's not by dancing in your kitchen while wearing a PartnerHacker tracksuit.

Ademola and Will dancing in PartnerHacker tracksuits
Ademola and I wore PartnerHacker swag to stand out from the crowd at SaaS Connect 2023.

Getting tactical

One way to do more with less is to learn from Justin Zimmerman. Justin presented at SaaS Connect on how to use a Nearbound motion to get 1000+ people to your webinar.

Justin Zimmerman at SaaS Connect
Justin Zimmerman delivered a talk at SaaS Connect on how to crush webinars with a Nearbound motion in 2023.

Justin started consulting on partnerships just one year ago.

Now, he’s giving out some of the best secrets in the industry about how to host killer webinars.

I have to say; his presentation was on FIRE 🔥🧯🧑‍🚒.

I mean - the fire alarm literally went off during his presentation 🤣!

He gave some great Nearbound tactics to get more people to attend your webinar.

He said:

1) Use Nearbound to promote.

Tap into influencers, your partners, and even your attendees. Give them pre-written copy to help promote the event.

2) Use messaging with a real voice.

No logos, no corporate BS. Send automated short emails that are genuine and feel personal.

3) Include partners, but include partner's partners too.

Ask your partner's partners to promote and offer to include them in the event. Offer a speaking slot, promotion, etc. The secret is to keep your message real and authentic, but also to ask for help.

Don't hesitate; just ask.

Provide value in that ask, and your response rates will skyrocket.

We've moved from "how" to "who"

Jared Fuller gave a talk about how we've moved from the "how" economy to the "who" economy.

Business is no longer driven by figuring out the "how." It's driven by "who."

Who can you partner with to scale your marketing, product, and sales?

The data-driven tactics of SEO aren't converting.

We need to ask: "Who has been where I want to go?"

We must work to find the "Who" in every step along our GTM journey.

We need to use a Nearbound motion to build a foundation that our customers can trust.

Connection > tactics

SaaS Connect was more than just learning about killer Nearbound tactics to use in a down market. It was about making connections.

We deepened our relationships and made some great content we'll release soon.  

In the meantime, here are a few photos from our time at SaaS Connect:

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