PartnerHacker Weekend 05/13: Unlock 1/3 More With Nearbound Sales

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

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To get great outputs, you need great inputs

If your revenue mix is 50/50 Outbound & Inbound, you will miss 1/3 of your number.


Because player 3 has entered the game: Nearbound.

Nearbound is the partnerships motion mobilized by the OTHER departments.

Like sales and marketing and success.

Because right now, Outbound & Inbound are performing at all-time lows, sales and marketing need to align to a more efficient motion to supplement.

Best-in-class companies have (to make it simple) a revenue mix of 1/3 Outbound, Inbound, and Nearbound, respectively.

AND the Nearbound motion typically results in 47% faster time to close and 2x the win rate of Outbound deals or 67% higher than Inbound. So, duh, do it.

But how do partner leaders get their companies there? Simple, actually.

If you want 1/3 Nearbound sales, then 1/3 of your input must be Nearbound sales activities.

You don't get 1/3 result without 1/3 input.

If you are in partnerships, I am begging you, please, stop fighting for 500 things from your company.

And start fighting for ONE THING:

Whatever your partner's revenue number is or should be, get alignment from your C-suite that there must be an EQUAL AMOUNT of activity from sales (and then marketing) in order to achieve that result.

Do you want 33% Nearbound?

Ok, then 33% of sales activities must be Nearbound.

You have to make it easy by starting with fighting the right fight.

If you align on the commitment, then you can align on the "how."

Never before. Now go get it.

Because remember, this is business, not magic. 🧙‍♂️ 👋 🎤

Jared Fuller on getting great results from Nearbound
Let me know in the comments what you think about driving Nearbound results.

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