PartnerHacker Weekend 07/23: Getting all Artsy

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

Recently published:

A poem for an era

Rocked markets, resets, and tired populations.

Did we as an industry lose meaning in our occupations?

Yes our eyes are filled with content, but our hearts empty from starvation.

You see, B2B feels full of apathy: Go-To-Market lost its voice.

How did people forget its us humans who own our choice?

The advertising industry mined all of our information.

Targeted endlessly but called it "personalization."

Digits were the new oil when automation was in beta.

But then marketing & sales were accelerated with data.

Enough is enough, the noise is unjust.

There’s no meaning in the signal, GTM has lost our trust.

Trust. That’s it, human, genuine connection.

That’s all we ever wanted after further introspection.

Now a new era emerges where purpose rushes in.

People helping people, funny enough, is what it takes to win.

Ecosystems emerge connecting meaning back to work.

A community of people where giving is the perk.

So if you’ve felt these words ring like a bellwether.

Come help us build a world where everyone can win, together.

Partner hacking your way into the big leagues

Some of the best partnerships have come from companies with small partner programs - or no partner programs at all.

If you have a small partnerships team, a young company, or a new program, there are some earned secrets that can leapfrog you to success.

We're cracking them open.

And having a super fun time along the way!

Join our upcoming First Friday event with Kiflo.

Pros who've built big partnerships from scratch will be telling their stories and taking questions as we explore how to win together.

Friday, August 5. Check it out.

2:00 - Going from 0 to 1 with Your Partner Program
2:30 - How to Land the ‘White Whale’
3:00 - Beyond Spreadsheets
3:20 - Live PartnerUp episode + Q&A
4:00 - Closing inspiration

Register to be a part of the convo.
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