PartnerHacker Weekend 08/27: Genuine Connection

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Use Genuine Connections to Win the Long Game

When you reach out to form new partnerships, you use your humanity to build social capital - one connection at a time. Then, as your network grows, sparks begin to fly. Seeds get planted, and the harvest eventually comes.

It’s a simple idea. Simple, but not easy.

It takes forethought and the willingness to persist.

Paying it forward

“If you are known as the type of person who pays it forward, you may one day be in a position where you get paid back. You do the thing without an expectation and one day on balance it comes back." - Yaniv Bernstein from The Startup Podcast

When we give out of a genuine desire to help others win, we build up savings of goodwill. It takes diligence but yields profits in the long term.

It’s the difference between an abundance mindset versus a scarcity mindset. Giving is not a fixed resource. It’s not a zero-sum game.

By acting as a curator and a networker, as someone who adds nodes to their network, you become extremely valuable.” - Chris Saad

Don’t spend all of your social capital at once

Sometimes, we tend to be short-sighted. We forget about the long game. It is so much easier to rush in to cash out on your goodwill.

Or course, you’ll eventually want to cash in on the social capital you’ve built. But don’t cash in too soon. If you do, you’ll quickly go broke. Let the network effect build up over time. If you spend all your social capital right away, you get the quick fix of gaining some advantage, but you’ll be back to where you started. Or worse, you’ll be in debt.

Start building connections

In the long term, connections and partnerships are your most valuable resource. Be curious about other business models, ask questions, and reach out. Make it your goal to pay it forward. It will pay out in the long run, and it feels great as well!

Oh, hey there!

I'm Aaron, the new Content Manager at PartnerHacker. You'll start to see my name on more stuff if you follow us.

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