PartnerHacker Weekend 11/12: Thank You!!

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

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Thank you!


What an event. Thank you to all who came to PL[X]. You made it an amazing event!

The excitement about partnerships at PL[X] was felt by everyone. We felt your enthusiasm in the comments and posts shared on LinkedIn.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Image caption: "Partners want you if their customers watch you." - Nathan Latka
Nathan Latka opened his keynote with this powerful idea: "Partners want you if their customers watch you."
Jessie Shipman pitching to the sharks at PLX
Jessie Shipman made an amazing pitch at Partner Tech Shark Tank that piqued everyone's interest.
picture of Will Taylor, Kenny Browne, and Katy Spalding delivered partnership knowledge at Day 2 of PL[X].
Will Taylor, Kenny Browne, and Katy Spalding delivered partnership knowledge at Day 2 of PL[X].
Shawn Li's notes in PLX workbook
Shawn Li taking notes at PL[X]
Comments from PL[X]!
The comments section was on fire at PL[X]!
screenshot of plx - Allan Adler, Christina Brady, Nikita Zhitkevich talking about meeting your customer where the live - in the ecosystem.
Allan Adler, Christina Brady, Isaac Morehouse, and Nikita Zhitkevich talk about meeting your customer where they live - in the ecosystem.
Screenshot from Geg Wasserman's LinkedIn summary of Anthony Kennada's presentation
Greg Wasserman posted excellent summaries of talks at PL[X] on LinkedIn.
Screenshot of Mark Kilens at PLX
"70 - 80% of the content you put out should come from the voice of someone else." - Mark Kilens on partner led marketing.
Cristal Pawlaczyk LinkedIn post about PL[X]
Cristal Pawlaczyk shared her PL[X] takeaways from Chip Rodgers and Alexis Scott's session.
Screenshot of Anthony Kennada's PLX keynote
Anthony Kennada's keynote focused on strategies to build your audience through media.
Morgan Ingram
Morgan Ingram had an epic debate with Jared Fuller on the future of sales called: Outbound vs. Nearbound
co-success discussion at PLX 2022
During Day 5 of PL[X], Jessie Shipman shows up with a hand-drawn PL[X] logo on her whiteboard. Jessie, Daniel Lacioni, Genesis Lee, and Ben Wright discuss how co-success can help growth during an economic downturn.
Screenshot of Jay McBain's keynote. He unviels how to measure partner led success
Jay McBain unveils how he measures partner led customer success during his keynote on Day 5 of PL[X].
Screenshot of Sam Jacobs and Jared Fuller discussing his book Kind Folks Finish First
Sam Jacobs has a closing keynote conversation about his book, Kind Folks Finish First, and why a transactional mindset is a fast way to finish last.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of PL[X]! We felt the love from all the comments, DMs, and post shared online.

PL[X] 2022 marked the moment that partnerships went mainstream –  thank you for living through the moment with us 🙏.

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