PartnerHacker Weekend 11/19: A Vision Becomes Reality at PL[X]

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

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Reflections on PL[X]

At PartnerHacker we went to PL[X] with one mission in mind: to start the conversation about creating a world where everyone wins together.

At PL[X] we found out that our mission was more than a dream. For one week straight it became our reality.

PL[X] wasn't just another virtual event - it was a REMOTE EXPERIENCE. The energy that emanated from all 118 speakers, participants in the chat, the magic of the emcee (literal and figurative), and the good vibes shared on LinkedIn were palpable.

The partnerships moment has arrived

Wait, but why? Why was there so much energy at PL[X]?

At PL[X] everyone could feel that the partnership moment had arrived.

We brought the best thinkers in B2B SaaS together in one place to start a conversation about how to move forward with trust at the center of the discussion.

We shared a vision of building a more humane business environment, with partnership ecosystems at the center.

The path forward

Data and automation helped create efficiencies, but in the process, they lost sight of trust and our humanity.

We all know that business can't continue as usual, but no one had the playbook for how to move forward.

That is why PL[X] had to happen.

PL[X] ushered in the conversations about where to go from here.

Partnership conversations

Sometimes conversations are tough. As Jared Fuller put it:

If you're scared or threatened by knowledge, wisdom, truth, understanding, and empathy, then get the eff outta here!

The message requires us to step outside of our old vantage point and look to new ways of doing business. Data is necessary - of course. Automation is required - we get it. But data and automation alone aren't enough.

Too much focus on data polluted the conversation.

At PL[X] we brought the conversation back to trust.

Our call to action

The party is just getting started. At PartnerHacker, we've got BIG plans for moving the conversation forward. I'm thrilled to be part of it with you.

Will you join us in this partnership moment? Will you help us inspire a new way of doing business?

I can't wait to tell you what we've got coming next.

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