PartnerHacker Weekend 11/26: The Partnering Cheat Code

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Cheat codes

When I was a kid at the music store my mom asked an employee the best way for a novice to learn to play a song from the radio.

She made us take piano lessons and we didn’t like it. We said we’d like it more if we got to play popular music instead of classical stuff. She called our bluff.

The guy said,

Well you could get the actual sheet music, but that’s gonna be pretty hard to play. Their are simplified versions too, but honestly, I’d just get The Fake Book.

My ears perked up.

The Fake Book was a cheat code.

It showed the basic chord progressions of songs, rather than typical sheet music which showed the exact notation. The Fake Book gave you the building blocks and let you improvise with your ear on the rest.

The unfair advantage of partnerships

Partnering is a type of cheat code. It gets you the most bang for your buck. When you partnerup you get to rely on the expertise of others while they rely on yours.

Partnering is the 80/20 rule on steroids.

Sure there is a time and place to go deep. Sometimes you want to learn to do things for yourself.

If you are on a desert island or stuck in the wilderness, you better learn to fend for yourself. But when you fend for yourself you're more likely to go hungry.

If you want to move fast and win, you need to partner up.

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