PartnerHacker Weekend 12/03: Open vs. Closed Systems

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

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Open vs. Closed Systems

Data, automation, and funnels operate in a world of closed systems.

Closed systems are like machines. They have inputs and outputs. Think of a toaster oven. You put the bread in, and you get toast out. Simple.

It's fun to think about the world as a closed system because it is easy to understand.

But we no longer live in an era of closed systems. We live in the Era of Ecosystems.

An ecosystem is an open system. It has many paths to the destination we want to go.

Ecosystems emerge from the bottom up. There's no way to design them from the top down.

To win in the Era of Ecosystems, we need to stop thinking in terms of closed systems. We need to start thinking in terms of relationships, trust, and ecological diversity.

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