PartnerHacker Weekend 12/31: Send the Partnership Signal

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Happy New Year!

Send the right signal

We're all sending signals, all of the time. Everything from our clothes, hairstyle, facial hair, even the way we walk and talk – it's all signaling.

You might be surprised to find that even animals have a way to signal. An important signal that deer send is called stottting.

They jump up and down to signal to predators their fitness. The higher they jump, the less likely the predator is to chase.

It's as if they are saying: "Look at me, I'm fit and spright, don't bother to chase me!"

A deer spotting.
"You can't touch me."

Signal value

Are you the type of company that partners up? Establish your reputation by letting your customers know you take a partner led approach.

Send signals in the way you co-market, co-innovate, co-sell, and integrate with your ecosystem. Signal to your partners that you care about their success.

Give to your partners freely. Do something that requires a bit of effort. Send a handwritten note, a gift, or a shout-out on social media.

Good signals require effort. It is the type of signal that will be instantly recognized as valuable.

Read more about sending powerful signals through gift-giving.

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