PartnerHacker Weekend 2/25: Reflecting on the News of the Week

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

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Whew. What a week (month, year)

On Wednesday, we announced that PartnerHacker has officially joined forces with Reveal to bring the Nearbound motion to the world.

When Jared and I started PartnerHacker, we believed the partner ecosystem space was absolutely ripe for explosive growth. We also believed that the biggest winners would be those who helped others win and, of course, those who partnered.

Our goal remains to help B2B companies drive revenue together.

Our slogan here at PartnerHacker is Trust is the New Data.

So, of course, a merger with one of the biggest players in the partner tech space raises questions. How can PartnerHacker maintain trust as an independent voice for the ecosystem, and not just become a lead gen engine for Reveal?

Luckily, we're not the first to experience this.

Sales Hacker has done a great job since getting acquired by Outreach. They still partner with sales tech companies, they maintain an independent brand and voice, and they still create tons of value for the sales ecosystem.

The Hustle does not seem to have lost trust since getting acquired by HubSpot.

We've spoken with and attempted to learn from these companies.

Most of all, we are committed to continuing to do what we've always done - live in market and make others famous.

PartnerHacker is about creating, encouraging, and expanding the conversations around partner-led growth. It's about finding and highlighting those with the best ideas. That's the only way we win - by giving others a platform.

That won't change one bit.

PartnerHacker has never been set up for optimal lead capture. We've always given away nearly everything for free, and only gated things like events when registration is a needed part of the process. Even then, we post recordings ungated across multiple platforms.

This will also continue.

PH exists to expand the market. To grow the number of people, companies, and departments talking about the power of Nearbound tactics.

We've also set up some guardrails. We maintain our own database and do not send leads over to Reveal unless people explicitly opt-in to Reveal communications. We have an independent Ecosystem Council of trusted leaders in the partnerships world who keep us accountable and ensure we are not losing the trust of our audience. We continue to work with every company in the space to co-market, co-write, and co-host events and content. And, of course, we have you to provide us with all that great feedback we get every day!

We win when the conversation becomes a movement that creates a category. We win when you win.

Thanks for being a part of this journey, and I can't wait for what's next!


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