PartnerHacker Weekend 4/2: Come from Customer

New this week

A quick recap of the PH daily from this week:

GTM, but in reverse

The Go-To-Market language and mental model makes the product the starting point and the market a target.

It's as if you're going to start lobbing sales bombs at helpless prospects. It's very company-centric. You're charging into battle and the customers are almost like victims.

What if you reversed it?

Instead of, "How do we go to market", what if you asked, "How do we come from customers"?

This forces you into the customer's shoes. How do they live their daily lives? What activities and transactions are the engaged in? Which do they like and want more of, and which do they dislike and want fewer of?

I doubt they want more sales emails and product demos on their schedule. They probably do want more one-click checkout like experiences, more seamless integrations, and more problem-solving products combined into single transactions.

If you can map out your customer's activities, preferences, and behaviors, can you find places where your product could enter their life in a way that doesn't hit them like a jarring disruption to their patterns and productivity?

That's what an ecosystems approach is all about.

It doesn't mean you're passive. It means your activity is channeled towards working with customers natural motions, not trying to force them to swim upstream to you.

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