PartnerHacker Weekend 4/30: Trust

New this week

A quick recap of the PH daily from this week:

A crisis of trust

I saw this quote from Brian Halligan on the G2 homepage:

I love it.

But I especially love that Brian said it.

If the founder of one of the biggest players in marketing automation believes you can't just automagically win customers with great process design and clever copy, you know there's a there there.

We talk about this a lot. Heck, our slogan here at PartnerHacker is, "Trust is the new data".

The positive side is that trust is increasing in value. The difficult side is that there's not a lot of it to be had these days.

Trust in the old institutions like governments, major media, and official experts is waning.

Trust in new tools and tech platforms is also waning.

Trust in strangers is low.

What's that mean if you're a stranger to your customers, partners, or colleagues?

To win a market, you have to be part of that market. You have to be known in that market. You have to be trusted in that market.

There are only two ways:

  1. Earn that trust over time via real value creation
  2. Partner with someone who already has it

The crisis of trust is both a danger and an opportunity.

Decreasing trust can cause people to tune out, go too inward, retreat, shrink their networks, and reduce their world and the opportunities that come from a broader experience. If they trust and get burned, they retreat further. That's the danger.

But opportunity is there too!

A crisis of trust isn't all bad. It's a needed correction to curb the excesses of the infocalypse and abuses of power. It brings some welcome discipline to markets and culture. In an increasingly virtual world, it demands the real. The human. The genuine.

It demands a lot out of your company too. But that will help you in the long run.

No matter how strong your willpower and company culture, you will be shaped by the incentive structure you're in.

A world that doesn't trust easily forces you to be better.

That's not a bad thing.

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