PartnerHacker Weekend 5/21: 'Ecosystem' Defined

New This Week

A quick recap of the PH daily from this week:

The Definition of an Ecosystem

There's a whole lot of talk about ecosystems, but what the hell are they?

Jared hammered out a definition on our manifesto:

A B2B Ecosystem consists of all networked accounts and contacts linked to the commerce and information they share.

B2B Ecosystems manifest in the form of Partners (accounts) and Communities (individuals) that either directly or indirectly benefit the end Customer (user) of the B2B Ecosystem parent.

Partners are companies with a shared commercial interest. Communities are individuals with a shared professional interest.

The environments in which they interact are defined by markets and often (but not always) segmented by vertical (industry), horizontal (persona), segment (size), and territory (geography).

These components are linked through flywheels of commerce and information.

Like ecological systems, the greater the diversity of a B2B ecosystem, the greater resistance and resilience in the face of company, customer, partner, community, market disturbance, competition, or other unforeseen disruptive events.

In B2B ecosystems, cost and time is conserved.

Information flows through the system – typically from influence to commerce – while trust is recycled, preserved, and grown.

We've had some great feedback on this definition so far.

Well thanks Dan! We like it too.

Would love to hear your thoughts, or other good definitions you've seen.

Meme of the Week

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Huge shout-out to the sponsors who helped us cross the first 1k subscribers less than a month after launch!

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