Partnerships in the News 09/14/22

Data sharing between individuals and orgs can save lives!

A new initiative, Count Me In (CMI), allows cancer patients to share preliminary data about treatment efficacy with the broader research scientific community. Getting data out before the full publication of trials helps other researchers accelerate their understanding of what is happening during treatment.

The rapid sharing of anonymized medical information allowed one oncologist, Dr. Michael Wagner, to lead new clinical trials aimed at treating rare cancers.

Count Me In is a collaboration between MIT, Harvard, the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, and the Emerson Collective.

How a patient partnership is propelling cancer research
In the fall of 2018, cancer researcher Corrie Painter began presenting some intriguing early results from a new study on a rare and deadly cancer known as angiosarcoma. She and her fellow scientists hoped that by sharing their findings publicly before publishing them in a scientific journal, they co…

Partner led growth

The bootstrapped company, Supermetrics, went from zero to $50 million in four years by focusing on ecosystem led growth. Rather than hiring a sales team, they honed their ability to deliver a self-service data analytics product.

As a startup in Finland, they knew they had to grow beyond their country's borders in order to succeed.

To date, they've hired 100+ salespeople, and continue to focus on growing through the partner-led ecosystem.

Kyle Poyar on LinkedIn: #startup #plg #marketing #data | 52 comments
This might be the hottest PLG company you’ve never heard of. 📍 HQ-ed in Helsinki, Finland💰 Scaled to €50 million+ ARR while spending very little outside… | 52 comments on LinkedIn

PL[X]: The moment partnerships go mainstream

PartnerHacker has teamed up with Reveal and PartnerStack to bring you the breakout GTM event of the year.

Set for five days, Nov. 7 - 11, 2022. It's the partnerships breakout event of the year.

Each day is devoted to defining a new era in the partnerships ecosystem:

  • Day 1 - Partner Led [Startup]
  • Day 2 - Partner Led [Product]
  • Day 3 - Partner Led [Marketing]
  • Day 4 - Partner Led [Sales]
  • Day 5 - Partner Led [Success]

Chief Ecosystem Officer at PartnerHacker, Jared Fuller, said:

"We must unite departmental specialists and partner professionals in the most relevant format possible for the first time ever. That's exactly why PL[X] is here." – Jared Fuller, CEO at PartnerHacker
Announcing the First Ever PL[X] Summit!
Introducing the PL[X] Summit, the world’s largest B2B SaaS partnerships event ever! We’ve teamed up with Reveal and PartnerStack to bring you the breakout GTM event of the year. Set for November 7 - 11, it’s partner led [everything]! * Day 1 - Partner Led [Startup] * Day
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